New-Market-Battlefield-Military-Museum-Exhibit-1Partial Listing of some of the American History exhibits

Exhibits are full of original items and are enhanced with extensively researched information, appropriate period artwork/background illustrations and more.

Not all are listed, you need some surprises, and the exhibits are subject to change as new

Items are acquired.

  • Fossils
  • Early American stone tools and weapons
  • Early Native American war clubs and quill work
  • French and Indian War (Weaponry, etc.)
  • American Revolution (Uniforms, weapons, personal items)
  • War of 1812 (Uniforms, weapons, personal items)
  • War with Mexico  (Uniforms, weapons, personal items)
  • Pre-Civil War
  • American Civil War – over 1/2 of the exhibits (Uniforms, weapons, personal items)
  • Kentucky Long Rifles & accouterments Including knives
  • American Indian in the Civil War (Info, clothing, bow/arrows other weapons)
  • Battle of New Market (Personal items, cdv’s, weapons, etc. and Large Maps and information)
  • Appomattox (Original Flag never surrendered, with info and pictures of that family, more)
  • Indian Wars (Amazing Beadwork, original Indian art work, clothing, quill work, war clubs, knives)
  • World War I
  • World War II (Original Items brought back from the European and Pacific theatres by U.S. soldiers, and more)
  • Viet Nam

New-Market-Battlefield-Military-Museum-Exhibit-3New-Market-Battlefield-Military-Museum-Exhibit-2In addition to these militarily connected items, there is a section on Western toy guns,  western and war movies, and those heroes who wore white hats. Also in this area are World War II inspired and produced toys.

New Market Battlefield Military Museum
9500 Collins Parkway
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